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Business Focus - Just Gems

This week we are focusing on a renowned jeweller based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Just Gems were brought to our attention by one of our researchers - Sunny - who recently commissioned them to produce a wedding ring. She was so impressed that she decided to contact the owner -Helen Plumb - who had a few things to say on the subject of custom jewellery. Take it away Helen.

I believe that jewellery is an expression of your personality and everyone deserves a piece of jewellery that is special and unique. A long line of new family heirlooms could even emerge from the one decision you made to custom design your own engagement ring. Your custom jeweler is the expert in helping you arrive at a final design that will go beyond what you may have thought possible. Mommy and Daddy can enjoy the same personalized baby jewellery with these hip tag necklaces, bracelets, and key fobs. Custom made handwriting charms start at around £175, and custom pet charms (designed from photos) and custom drawing charms normally start at £115. However, if you want a completely custom, personal piece of jewellery without a totally exorbitant price tag, Just Gems is a great bet.

Besides making custom designs, our store is filled with unique, beautiful jewellery that you won't see at the mall. But believe it or not, they're a boon to custom jewellery buyers seeking one- of-a-kind pieces for their one and only. Along with jewellery repair and custom design, our goldsmiths and designers specialize in restyling your old jewellery that is rarely worn by using it to create a piece of jewellery that you'll be ecstatic to put on every day. You could sell your jewellery that is out-of-date or that you don't like, but you get little compared to its value, so restyling is a great way preserve the value of these jewels while transforming their style. Our custom process begins with an initial consultation where we assist in putting your ideas and inspirations to paper. If you've been thinking of custom designing your engagement ring, for example, but don't know where to start, remember that our custom jeweller is there to help from inception to completion. As creative professionals, custom jewellers love to get involved in every step of the design process and thats why we are experts in extracting from you every last detail needed to make the final piece above and beyond what you may have thought possible. If you are shopping for something more unique, we recommend exploring our Designer Jewellery Boutique which showcases some of the hottest styles from market leading British and International jewellery designers. Collections vary from precious delicate styles to bold statement pieces that will be certain to add sparkle to your outfit no matter what the occasion.

Whether you have nothing more than a vague idea of which colours you want to use when you custom design your engagement ring, or you have the idea but not the vocabulary to express it, our custom jewellers can take even the loosest of concepts and work with you to make it a reality. Bespoke goods are often seen as the expensive version of the mass-produced alternatives we more commonly see on the high street. For Earth-loving new age mothers with a deep connection to the outdoors and a personality that resonates with nature, choosing custom jewellery that features the blues and greens of the world around us is a great starting point for finding a suitable piece. Stud earrings or thin necklaces are beautiful but unassuming pieces of jewellery that highlight modesty, and the stone of such a piece can be chosen to reflect something of importance to the mother. We also provide free cleaning, inspections, and estimates on jewellery repair or custom design. There is a goldsmith on site as well as a diamond cutter to handle all of your jewellery needs. Ashley likes to ask a customer questions about themselves to get an idea of how to start designing their customized jewellery or what jewellery repair needs to be made.. She wants to know what activities they participate in, places they like to go and styles they like to wear. Every woman has a dream of precious jewellery designer jewellery which gives her a different look. A lot of designers are able to expand their creativity and thereby produce very rare pieces minus the related cost of bespoke design.

You may fancy an unusual jewellery and you're more likely to find one that has a lesser price. If that is not possible, you need to have the damaged jewellery replaced entirely. This can be pretty devastating as the total loss of expensive jewellery can cost more to be repaired, much more replaced. On the contrary, damaged costume jewellery can be easily replaced because of its relatively low price. In order for you to learn more concerning this niche then I suggest that you just stop by Just Gems - a niche site focused upon custom jewellery